AsiacomTrav for Business

A Digital Solution for Travel Agencies

AsiacomTrav is a unique digital solution developed by Asiacom to specifically cater to the digital requirements of the travel trade.​ With ever changing web designs and technology, it becomes all the more important for tour operators to keep their websites updated. The competition amongst travel websites is stiff and if your website is not user friendly, chances are you will lose your potential customers to hundreds of other travel websites in the market

It makes your website fast and easy to navigate.

Makes it functional on any device, any operating system or any browser and access to linked pages is made faster and easy too.

Develops supporting apps for your website as 70% of internet users are operating through smart phones.

Backs your website with a strong social media presence which is of utmost importance in this ever evolving social network society where feedback from past users has become the main criteria for ​ ​finalising any reservations.​

Some key features for the backend:

Destination Management

  • In this section you can manage your destinations and also provide an overview of the same
  • Image gallery to depict the beauty of destinations
  • Attractions or sub regions for various destinations
  • Facts, temperature and custom data relevant to each destination
  • Create basic or extended packages for your destinations

Manage Hotels/Accommodation

  • List all your hotels
  • Link hotels with itinerary for the day
  • Image gallery of hotels
  • Option to update accommodation, pricing and custom facts like “tips” etc. Inquiry management
  • Tabular view for inquiries collected from different sources
  • Inquiry list exportable to PDF, Excel or CSV

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) features

  • The platform will be SEO friendly. You can enter meta tags and keywords for each page, package, destination and itinerary